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hi im nell and i like space
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Reblog for god like for satan one like equals one prayer

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U don’t realize how many pictures ppl post until ur on mobile

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i love lolita cus it’s a type of fashion that p much anyone can get into its so inclusive… ur a guy? fuck societal standards, wear a poofy dress! ur nb? see previous statement! u wear a hijab? the fashions ideals include modesty nd covering as much skin as possible! ur fat? there’s lolitas who r happy to make/teach u to make or alter dresses to fit u! ur a poc? that’s cool! ur white? still cool! on a budget? bodyline! I love it

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the worst thing you can say to someone is ‘you’re too sensitive’ because that’s basically saying ‘you feel things more deeply and fully than i do and this inconveniences me because now i have to be more mindful of my own actions’ 

you’re not too sensitive, the world is just callous and stubborn. sensitivity doesn’t make you weak and callousness doesn’t make you strong. 

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They/Their' as a singular pronoun is correct English.

Stop excusing your transphobia by saying it isn’t. You’re wrong.

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did i actually save or did i imagine it? better save eleven more times

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Gay Timeline


  • 1900s-1950s: gays dont exist yet
  • 1960s: the first gays appear, good time for hippys
  • 1970s: gays learn to play music, invent disco
  • 1980s: AIDS happens… big time government fail
  • 1990s: gays start to take stand
  • 2000s: gays achieve equality thru civil unions
  • 2010s: then take it too far with social justioce crap :\

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this is a religious experience

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Space things from Etsy.

[x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

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World record for Fastest “Make Riy Hate You”: 5 minutes

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Been thinking about this for a while. I wish everyone could be happy. Love you, seriously I do. Please reblog, not repost. Thanks

Reblog :)

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ererilover19: Do not throw souls!


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